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Monthly Archives: June 2015

The wink

So, this only applies to tradiation ladies! I have seen this new trend of ladies proposing to their significant others. No shade, but It's a little disheartening, why would I get down on the ground with my dress on and give a man a ring. Will he wear it? What's his ring size? The thought…
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New relationship

This post is for a friend who needs advice. She has been dating this guy for 3 years and he is not ready to settle down. Now fast forward to 1 year later there is a guy who is interested in her and expresses hat he is ready to settle down. The guy is an…
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I meet This Calabar Guy who Come to the UK, we have been close for a while, but my friend says it will all be a waste of time as He might already have a wife back home or his family will get one for him, although he insist he got modern parents, should I…
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Some women are crazy

so I went out with this girl the other Day she had the effrontery to demand that I pay for an expensive bottle of liquor and it was only our first date. Can you imagine?! She wasn't even fine sef. Nwaoh.. These girls these days.. Was I wrong for not buying the alcohol??
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