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So since this is a dating/social networking website. If you have a girlfriend who is fine as hell, treats you like a king but is with you for your money. Will you marry her?

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  1. 1830 kona
    What you need to do is asked yourself this question, "Will she still be with you if you don't have money?" And "If you end up broke, without money will she still be by yourself, will she be there for you?"If not, she is NOT the right one for you. You should always be with a person who loves you for you not your money or looks cause your looks and noney will not last forever, it will fade away. Be with someone who going to be there for you through good and worst, with or without money. Who doesn't care about what you have but care about what is inside, etc.
  2. 1857 zee
    I suggest you do not, because the future is full of uncertainties. it will be very unfortunate if 10 years down the line, it turns out things aren't rosy as it used to be when she met you.
  3. 1897 Bella
    Question is, why do you feel she's with you for the money?? Sometimes a man can mistake a woman's need for security for a want of money. Money doesn't always mean security to a woman and if she treats you like a king, then it's because you make her feel safe. What's wrong with that??? She might like the things your money gets her (and she should), but it doesn't mean she won't be there for the tough times.
    • 318 sexy1984
      I just think that subconsciously I think a lot of not so good looking rich men with a beautiful woman have asked themselves if I was broke will she still be with me or treat me soo great??

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