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Why is it that the majority of African men have a problem dating a woman who is either older than them or who is considered "old" by our cultural standards.

I recently took a poll among African men and asked at what age is a woman considered too "old" to be considered as marriage material and to say the least, i was astonished at the results. 70% of men considered women over the age of 27 too old to be married, while only 10% of men thought otherwise. i was shocked with the results because upon getting their feedback, when asked why they thought 27 was too old for marriage no one could give me a concrete answer backed by facts or numbers. Most of the men thought the way they thought only because it was something they heard in passing, something their parents mentioned to them or its just something that everyone thinks.

I believe, among other things, that this is one of the major problems among our culture, but before i give my opinion i would like to know what others have to say. please comment below your opinion.

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  1. 2001 Divea
    We live in a world that things are dictated by men consciously or unconsciously I, for one think that some men don't know what they actually want. If you are under 27, you are tagged immature and if you are above, you are too old. Age is just a number and any man who knows worth of any woman will not only stick to whomever that complements him but have a good mindset.
    • 7673 cashmoney
      yea right we need to wake up and face the truth, love matters most
  2. 5011 olaaa
    I think most of our people let the society affect their decision. I'm guilty too, if we can learn to actually think before making decisions and also block out the norms of our society, it will help us. I personally think there is an age limit for marriage but that doesn't mean you should settle for whoever comes your way. Would you rather have take your time and be happy or rush in and back out? That doesn't also mean you should take too much time and be really picky cause you feel like you have all the time in the world. Just be wise about it.
    • 7673 cashmoney
      yea so much love this post. thought of that too
  3. 7933 oguzie
    I love this topic.not just the men alone,most of our African ladies reason same way too that makes them settle for anything that has penis because not all are real men.imagine a girl telling me that a woman enters menopause by 35 to 40 yrs,so it best to marry on time and have kids.I asked her if her purpose on this earth is to marry and have kids,she did not answer me.I know there's nothing wrong having kids on time but that does not mean you settle for less.

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