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Welcoming new users!!

Hey Guys, Gidi-Love has a surprise gift for all our current and future users so please be patient and continue to make those connections. Tips on how to make Gidi-love work for you.
1, Have a profile picture. We all need a face to strike a conversation with in person therefore online shouldn't be any different.
2, Beware of online liars. Protect yourself at all times. We have the instant FaceTime video chat that enables you to call people anywhere in the world so use it. People can say they do not have Skype, Facebook or FaceTime but since they are on Gidi-Love, they can use our video chat.
3. Don't let a negative outcome affect your self esteem. Hey not everyone you will meet in person will be attracted to you and this applies to online. Don't let a rejection get you down, pick yourself up, take your best profile picture and the let your potentials swoon and approach you.
4. Have Fun, be respectful, be approachable.
5. Did we mention PUT UP A PROFILE PICTURE. No one will approach you without a profile picture and i mean NO ONE. You will not get any response, you will not receive any messages.

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